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Central India Institute of Medical Sciences (CIIMS), Nagpur was established in June 1984 and has completed 27 years of its existence. It has been recognized as a Research Institute by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Government of India from its inception. The major aim was to undertake research activity in clinical and basic sciences related to human illness. For the same purpose, CIIMS also established a separate Research laboratory in 2000, which is completing 14 years of its fruitful existence. The Institute established a second Research Centre in the nearby Annexe building the year 2012


The Institute has undertaken several research projects which aim basically to improve the human health. The main focus has been the introduction of new diagnostic tests for diagnosis of certain fatal Infectious disease such as Tuberculosis, Herpes Simplex Virus, Chikungunya Infection. For development of these techniques the approach has been wide and each stream of biology has been explored from immunological to molecular techniques to provide an effective diagnosis for each of the mentioned diseases.  Currently CIIMS has 10 diagnostic test of its own such as 30kD ELISA test, ADA Test, Multiplex ELISA Test, TB PCR, Duplex PCR, BacT Alert Culture for TB, BacT Alert Culture for Pyogenic Meningitis, HSV PCR, HSV Real Time PCR, HSV Antigen Detection test. These tests are helping the clinicians inside and outside the CIIMS for providing accurate treatment to the patients.


Regarding infectious diseases, research has also been conducted to identify specific biomarkers for latent TB and TBM- HIV and identification of important heat shock protein in M. Tuberculosis as well as in a TB infected individual for monitoring disease progression and prognosis. The research laboratory has also undertaken a project regarding the BCG vaccination and usefulness of booster doses in increasing the efficacy of BCG vaccine.


Besides infectious disease, Research has also been directed towards various other non infectious diseases. Projects have also been undertaken for disease such as stroke, one of the serious disease conditions with which the patients suffer. At CIIMS projects for diagnosis of acute Ischemic Stroke has been done by analyzing biochemical and immunological parameters and using proteomic approach to identify specific biomarkers in blood.


In addition, CIIMs has also explored the Ayurvedic sciences and have evaluated several herbal preparations for their immunomodulatory effect and for clot lytic activity. Other important initiative has been the project which focuses on the in vitro production of polyclonal antibodies.


For the entire in-house research work institute has a well equipped laboratory, infrastructure facilities with all the modern amenities. Recently CIIMS has constructed its own animal house facility in the premises of Nagpur veterinary college, Nagpur for carrying out various animal related experiments. A MOU has been sign with Maharashtra animal and Fishery Sciences, University Nagpur for the same.


The institute has also sample bank, which contains various body fluids like CSF, Serum, Pleural, Ascitic Fluids of different infections.


Different projects undergoing at institution are recognized by Govt. of India and various Govt. Organizations has sanctioned adhoc research grants for 6 of our research projects. Four by Dept. of Biotechnology, one by Dept. of Science and technology, Govt. of India and one by Indian council of Medical Research.


Besides the in-house projects, the institute has also undertaken various collaborative projects with other well renowned institutions nationally as well as internationally. To name a few, CIIMS has initiated a collaborative research project on TB with Manipal College of Medical Sciences, Pokhara, Nepal. A collaborative project is also being conducted along with Dr. Satav (MAHAN Organization) for diagnosis of active and latent TB in tribal population of Melghat.


CIIMS has also sign MoU with National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, Nagpur for Health related environmental problem. Other  than these, CIIMS has collaboration with various Institutes like DRDE, Gwalior; AIIMS, New Delhi; Bengal Tuberculosis Association, Kolkata; PD Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai; NIMS, Hyderabad; Dr. B. C. Roy Institute of Postgraduate studies, Kolkata; NIMHANS, Banglore; etc. CIIMS along with Tulip diagnostics, Goa and SPAN diagnostics, Surat is in the process of commercialization of some of its in house developed products. Along with this, Colorado State University, USA has been supplying some of the materials related to tuberculosis research free of cost since last ten years.


With all the above mentioned research work, Institute has gained recognition on the National and International front through its publications and patents. Institute has 66 published research publications on its credit (see publication list), which are published in peer reviewed National and International Journals. And more than 120 papers have been presented in different National and International Conferences. The Institute has also been granted two Indian patents for the development of diagnostic kits, one for the diagnosis of tuberculous meningitis and other for the diagnosis of extra CNS tuberculosis infection. A complete specification for a third Indian patent for the development of a thrombolytic composition using a herbal preparation for the lysis of human blood clot has been submitted.


The details of Patents of Research Laboratory   are as follows:


1. A method for isolation of 30 kDa protein antigen in Tuberculosis meningitis cerebrospinal fluid.

Patent Application No.: 91/MUM/2004
Patent status: Granted (17/10/2008)


2 thrombolytic composition

Patent Application No.: 1306/MUM/2006
Patent status: Examination report received (20/9/2011)


3.Development of diagnostic kit for pulmonary and extra central nervous system tuberculosis using 30 kD antigens comprising of Ag85 complex.

Patent Application No.: 522/MUM/2005
Patent status: Patent submitted (Under examination)


The research laboratory has been recognized for Ph.D programme in Biochemistry and Microbiology in Science Faculty by RTM, Nagpur University and in Clinical Biochemistry, Clinical Microbiology and Medical Biotechnology in Medicine faculty by Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences University, Nagpur. Six of our research scholars Dr.Rajpal Singh Kashyap, Dr.Poonam Deshpande, Dr.Anju Mudliar, Dr.Ravindra Satpute ,Dr .Amit Nayak and Dr. Khushboo Nagdev have been awarded Ph.D. degree by RTM Nagpur University. Seven scholars have been registered for Ph.D. in Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences University in different subjects such as Clinical Biochemistry, Clinical Microbiology and Medical Biotechnology. One of the Research Scholar, Dr. Mrs. Shweta Chourasiya has been recently awarded Ph.D. in Medical Biotechnology under the faculty of Medicine.


Since last several years the staff of Research Laboratory has guided post graduate students for their dissertation projects. More than 65 students have completed their research projects. Every year the laboratory is conducting hands on training workshops in Immunological, Molecular and Animal Cell Culture techniques for graduate and post graduate students, researchers and teachers in life sciences.