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Who Are We

A front line medical Institute in India in Tertiary Health Care Services, Medical Education and Research.

Our Mission

To Provide the best Medical facilities to the most deprived section of the society.

Our Vision

To be a front line medical institute in India in tertiary health care services.

Central India Institute of Medical Sciences

Service to Humanity is Service to God !!

Central India Institute of Medical Sciences (CIIMS), Nagpur, a registered society (Maharashtra/215/83) and a Public Charitable Trust (F-3592) a dream of Dr. G.M. Taori, the founder Director, came true in July 1984. It is a medical research institute with a medical services wing (hospital) as part of infrastructure for research. Till the year 1999 besides the hospital services, had mainly clinical research projects but from then there is an active basic life sciences research center. Institute has been developed on generous donations from the public of, not only local region but also from distant areas.
For raising funds two saints,
1) Param Pujya late shri Ramchandraji Dongre Maharaj in 1984 and
2) Param Pujya Morari Bapu in 1997 and 2012 have helped the organisation in most crucial periods of development. The ‘vision ‘ and ‘ Commitments ‘ of the institute are :


  • To provide comprehensive, round the clock and premium quality health care services to all, irrespective of caste, creed and economic status at affordable cost to the patients and the Institute.
  • To bring together the medical professionals and the society to work hand-in-hand to achieve our vision.
  • To work with full dedication, sincerity, honesty and transparency in health care delivery.
  • To achieve high degree of professionalism not only in health care services but also in medical education and research

Keeping these in view Management and the staff of the Institute have been working relentlessly to achieve the objectives. To begin with hospital facilities were of out- patient only but by March 1987 in-patient services were also started.

At present it is a 110 bedded hospital cum basic life sciences research centre. Of the 110 beds 34 beds are in general ward, 40 beds are in intensive care units and the remaining in the semi-private and private wards. In general wards charges are at subsidized rates and to those deserving further relief consideration is given for free or concessional treatment. Regular power supply is from state electricity board and for regular uninteruped source it is on express feeder line. In addition, in case of MSEB failure captive power of 460 KVA is available on DG sets.

At present the monthly load of patients in OPD is more than 6000 per month inclusive of new and follow-up patients. Average in-patient occupancy is between 80 to 90%. Nearly 70% of the work load is of neurology and neurosurgery patients.

The basic life sciences research centre which started in the year 1999 under the guidance of Dr. H.F. Daginawala undertakes research activities in Biochemistry, Microbiology and Biotechnology on the problems faced on clinical side in diagnosis, pathogenesis and treatment. Most of the funding for Research centre is met from the revenue of the hospital wing and partly by donations. From 2004 for some specific research projects there is some funding from the govt. organizations & NGO’s.

At the research centre at any given time we have more than 10 research projects in hand. Nearly 10 to 12 research articles are published yearly in peer reviewed national and international journals. Centre is recognized for research work leading to Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Microbiology and Biotechnology by the RTM Nagpur university and Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences (Deemed University), Nagpur. So far seven scholars have been awarded Ph.D. and seven research students have registered for Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Microbiology and Biotechnology. We have been granted national patent for development of diagnostic kit for tuberculous meningitis. We have also filed applications for Patents for

1) development of diagnostic kit for extra CNS tuberculosis and

2) development of ‘A thrombolytic composition comprising of herbal extracts’.

Service center (Hospital) of the Institute has following departments: :

We made whole hearted attempts to develop these departments from the beginning of the Institute i.e. from 1984, first on part-time basis but from 1987 on full-time basis. We were the first to install cardiac ECHO and Catheterization lab in this region of the country. Closed heart surgeries were started in 1987 but with help of part-time consultants. We had encouraged Dr. Varun Bhargava M.D. to have training in cardiology including interventional work. We had also started open heart surgeries in 1988 after procuring the necessary equipments including Heart-Lung machine. Dr. A.B. Bhoyar, cardio-vascular surgeon worked here from 1989 to 2005. Dr. P.S. Bidwai, ex-professor of cardiology at PGI, Chandigarh and SGPGI, Lucknow worked as full-time cardiology consultant from 1991 to 2000, when he developed ICH and in about 6 months he expired due to secondary complications. During his tenure at the institute he tried his best to boost the department by organizing work-shops for balloon valvuloplasties etc. It is painful to admit that we failed to make any headway in developing this section and ultimately had to close down the departments of cardiology and cardiovascular surgery. However, it is gratifying to note that a good number of hospitals have come up in Nagpur serving the patients of these specialties.

Well equipped 3 operating theaters with recovery rooms attached

  • This department is on the ground floor occupying almost 10,000 sq. ft. area. After the renovation completed in 2013 we have sitting arrangements for nearly 200 patients at a time. There are 14 chambers for the consultants of various specialties. In addition, we have various counters for information, registration of patients, cash counter, social worker’s services, in-door admissions etc. Social worker also counsels the patients and the relatives when needed.
  • Close to OPD there is well equipped casualty / emergency area where patients in emergency or very sick patients during OPD hours are attended to. This area is well equipped with all the resuscitation equipment’s, drugs etc. Services of resident doctor, nurses and attendant are available round the clock all 24-hrs. In this area 2 to 3 patients can be kept as day-care patients for observation. Nearly 500 patients are attended monthly in this section.
  • Library which has 2219 Medical books, 1254 Bound Journal, 07 and there are 54 periodicals and journals
  • Two Conference Hall
  • Two Seminar rooms.