List of conferences

Sr.No Conferences Year
1 Symposia on CNS infections Feburary, 2009
2 National Conference on CME, Immunology August, 2010
3 26th Annual Meeting of Society of Neurochemistry India and January, 2012
4 SNCI Local Chapter and National Conference on Zoonotic diseases and Neuro-infections August, 2016
5 International Conference on Emerging Microbes and Infection and their impact on Public Health February, 2018
6 Statistical Workshop on Epidemiology and statistical analysis used in Health research April 2018
7 Global Challenge Research Fund (GCRF): “Interdisciplinary Research networking for tackling infectious diarrhea” January, 2020
8 Workshop on Bioinformatics tools for translational biology November 2020
9 SNCI Pre Conference workshop on Advance Immunological and Molecular approaches  for diagnosis of Neuroinfections & Neurological diseases December 2020
10 30 hrs online workshop on diagnostic test development and evaluation for students of Kakkati University, Telangana July 2021
11 Online workshop on “Bioinformatics Protocol for Peptide designing” August 2021
12 Online virtual workshop on brucellosis: A neglected Zoonotic disease (A special Seminar on Immunological and Molecular approaches for diagnosis of Brucellosis Infection) under DBT-Shillong project September 2021
13 30 hrs online workshop on diagnostic test development for students of Hislop college, Nagpur November 2021