Technologytransfer wing

At CIIMS Research Lab, efforts are constantly being made to develop something new. Research, especially on neurological complications, has been an integral part of CIIMS for the last 20 years. The vast experience in this field has enabled us to move forward and to work in direction of development along with the other activities.

 CIIMS Research Lab has vast research experience in the field of various infectious diseases including Bacterial Meningitis, Neuroinfections, Chikungunya, Scrub Typhus along with Viral infections of the CNS like HSV, CMV, Chandipura and Zoonotic infection like Bovine Tuberculosis, Listeriosis, Brucellosis and antibiotic-associated diarrheal infection due to C. difficile and non-infectious disorders like stroke and thrombosis.

Through the various funded projects that we have received here, our team has developed and standardized around 50 diagnostic test kits for detection of neuro-infections and viral encephalitis. The PCR kits include both conventional and Real-time PCR methods. While the ELISA based kits are based on antibody detection protocol, we have also developed and validated lateral flow kits for infections like Brucellosis.

The technology transfer wing was established with the focus of bringing these developed kits to the commercial level. CIIMS has developed Industrial partnership for product marketing.  Some of these are in process of being made into commercial products through collaboration with companies that have experience in the marketing field. Other kits are streamlined for the same process.

As of now, CIIMS Research Lab has developed TB-PCR kit and Brucella Lateral Flow kit model and will handover to Red Lotus Company for marketing and sale.