Research Activities

1. CUSA (Cavitron Ultrosonic Surgical Aspirator) : Selector 4, make from United Kingdom, enables tumor removal from the most delicate areas of brain without inflicting injury to vital structures.

2.  Midas Rex from USA : from Aesculap Germany. World’s most versatile, state of the art and costly system for various spinal and cranial operations including instrumentations.

3.  Intra operative electrophysiological monitoring : SSEP for spinal cord and craniovertebral operations to ensure their safety. Digital EEG used for intra operative monitoring of cerebral functions in epilepsy surgery and for carotid endarterectomies.

4. Neurosign 100 : An advanced nerve stimulator from UK. Enables preservation of important nerves during surgery i.e. facial nerve in acoustic neuromas, Brachial plexus operations, posterior rhizotomies for cerebral palsy and other spastic disorders.

5. Image Intensifier : Siemens Seromobile Compact model used during, carniovertebral, transoral operations and tranphenoidal approach for pituitary tumors. It is also used for advanced spinal operations.

6.  Microscope : “Lyka” Wild M695 – Motorized operating microscope from Switzerland dedicated to Neurosurgery, fitted with video camera and CCTV facilities. Now the recording and documentation of operative procedures is possible. It is also possible to demonstrate the ongoing procedures in the conference hall of CIIMS and interact with the audience.

7. Bipolar Cauteries – best in the world: We are proud to have Malis CMC III coagulating and cutting cautery which is one of the best in the world and is worth Rs. 10 lakhs.

8. Neuroendoscope (Aesculape) for Endoscopic & Endoscope assisted microneurosurgery

9.  CRW FN for Sterotaxic Surgery including Functional neurosurgery

10. Radio frequency lesion – for various  ablative procedure as a part of functional neurosurgery