Outsourcing wing

We offer certified short-term and long-term hands-on training and workshops and 6 months Skill development certificate course for Research Development (R&D) in Health Services, addressing the core concepts of Animal cell culture, proteomics, molecular and Immunological techniques along with other related disciplines for training. 

Molecular techniques: -

DNA isolation from various body fluids, tissue, virus cells, and bacterial cells. DNA amplification by qualitative convention PCR and Quantitative Real time PCR and rapid LAMP PCR for bacteria and viruses. Gel electrophoresis for detection and illusion of Nucleic acids from gel.

Immunological technique: - Antigen and Antibody detection test in various body fluids with various types of ELISA methods.

Animal Tissue Culture: - Cell culture practice, Media preparation, Primary and secondary cell culture isolation, and cell line maintenance.  

Proteomics: -

1D Electrophoresis (Native and SDS PAGE) and 2D Electrophoresis.

Microbiology: -

Automated liquid culture system, BacT/alert 3D advance (BioMerieux, France) & Biosafety level class II A2 (100 % exhaust) for culturing of various infectious organism like Mycobacterium, listeria, Brucella etc.

  • Services in Ph.D work
  • Dissertation work
  • Ad-hoc research projects
  • Internship