Department of Orthopedic


Facilities and Equipment's :

The department is to deal with almost all orthopaedic problems. The Operating rooms are equipped with state of the art equipments including Image intensifier, electronic power instruments, arthroscope, nerve stimulator, operating microscope and modern instruments and orthopaedic implants. A laminar airflow operating room and computer navigated surgeries are being planned for future.

Trauma Care:

A round the clock trauma care service in close collobration with a team of neuro surgeons, general surgeon, plastic and vascular surgeon is available. Example of some of the cases that are routinely performed include:

Joint Replacement (Arthroplasty) :

All the surgeries when indicated are performed using minimally invasive techniques that allows quicker rehabilation and less soft tissue insult. Apart form the surgical treatment a variety of non surgical treatment is offered for patient suffering from various types of arthritis and related conditions. Hip-OA, osteoporosis

Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy :

Department is equipped with modern arthroscope, shaver system and modern equipments that are used in managing following disorders:

Pediatric division :

Paediatric orthopaedics has gradually evolved into specialty of its own and it would be imprudent to treat a child as a mini adult. In keeping with the recent advances in the field the department offers comprehensive quality care for paediatric problems such as-