Imaging Radiology

Radiology department at CIIMS is one of the oldest advanced radiology diagnostic and therapeutic unit of Nagpur city. It has the most experienced faculties and offers advanced services to the patient during both routine and emergency hours.

Early detection is critical in the successful treatment of disease. At CIIMS, our diagnostic radiology department offers outpatient, emergency department, fluoroscopy and inpatient radiology services in a patient-friendly environment with state-of-the-art computerized radiography technology.

It contains four separate subunit

  1. CT  Scan
  2. Digital X-ray and fluoroscopy
  3. Sonology unit
  4. Interventional Radiology

Somatom ARC model is now replaced by spiral CT Scan Emotion DUO power of Siemens, installed on 10.09.2003 Dr.Shirish Deshpande Sr.Consultant in Radiology who has an outstanding experience of more than 15 years in CT Scanning and MRI is looking after the work in this department along with the expert technical staff. Services of this department are available round the clock. The charges for scanning are economical compared to the other centers of Nagpur.

Magic View by Siemens:

This is an additional attachment of CT Scan recently installed in our hospital, With the help of which three dimensional images of any part of the body is possible. The unique feature of this unit is that of editing facility i.e.. the part of 3D images which is not required can be deleted to get additional diagnostic information. Another additional feature of this unit is MPR (ie. Multi Planner Reconstruction) with the help of this one can reconstruct set of images in any plane (i.e.. orthogonal) then conventional, sagittal and corneal planes.

3D images and MPR images enhances diagnostic value. In the whole central India region this is available in CIIMS hospital at very reasonable charges

Machine Name : Siemens SOMATOM EMOTION DUO

Type Multislice Scanner (DUO Scan)

Date of Installation : 10.09.2003

Scan Time : 0.8 sec/scan

Procedure : Special
Perfusion (Cerebral study) Quantitative evaluation of dynamic CT Data of Brain following highly concentrated bolus contrast for differential diagnosis and management of acute ischemic stroke.

  1. Angiography : (Cerebral, carotid, lower limb, upper limb aorta) 
    4 Vessel cerebral angio and peripheral angiography
  2. 3D VRT - Volume rendering technique
    SSD - Surface shaded display
    MPR - Multiplamer reconstruction
    MIP - Maximum intensity projection and volume
  1. Possible Scanning :
    1) Head - Orbit, Sinus. 
    2) Neck
    3) Shoulder
    4) Abdomen
    5) Pelvis
    6) Spine - Cervical, Lumbar, Thoracic
    7) Extrenuties
    8) C T Guided biopsy

This department was started in August 1987, with 2 Siemens X-Ray machines. The 500 mA machines with image intensifier is used for conventional Radiography and special procedures like barium studies. IVP, Meyelograms etc. And the other is a mobile X-Ray unit (60 MA) for the bed side conventional plain X-Rays. 

Latest techniques:-

  1. Klinoskop 500MA Siemens with Fluroscopy
  2. PLddr 3E 60 MA L 100K v Siemens Portable X-ray
  3. Multimobile 2.5 KW Siemens Portable X-ray
  4. Allengers 3.5 KW high frequency Portable Unit.
  5. Fuji C.R. (Digital X-ray)
  6. Here doing all the routing x-ray from head to toe and being mainly neurology institute x-ray os spine including special view like flexon, extension in cervical and lumber spines are routinely done here. Almost all the investigation procedure including
    1. All routine x-rays, including special view like Stenvers and optic foramina, (except tomograms)
    2. IVP
    3. MCU
    4. Retrograde
    5. Fistulogram
    6. Sialogram
    7. Barium Swallow
    8. Barium Meal
    9. Hypotonic duodenography
    10. Barium Enema etc are performed here with use of Fluroscope as and when required.
    11. High grade Urography
    12. Retrograde and antegrade Pyelography
    13. Cystography and micturating cystourethrography
    14. Retrograde Urethrography

Department of SONOLOGY is started in March 2008, Ultrasound is a common procedure at CIIMS that allows medical practitioners to visualize structures beneath the skin. The technique uses sound waves beamed into the body and reflected off of various tissues to develop a picture of the interface between solid and fluid spaces.

There are no known risks to ultrasound, which can be used to screen, diagnose and aid in the treatment of various diseases.

CIIMS's ultrasound department is equipped with state-of-the-art ultrasound technology. Our courteous staff is highly trained.
We provide diagnostic imaging as well as ultrasound guidance for numerous biopsies and procedures.

Ultrasound procedures offered (but not limited to) include:

  • Abdomen & Pelvis
  • Small part
        • Scrotum
        • Thyroid
        • Joints
  • Doppler Imaging
    • Carotid
    • Peripheral Vascular Doppler
    • Trans Cranial Doppler (TCD)
  • FNAC (Diagnostic as well as Therapeutic ascetic and pleural tapping)
  • Breast
  • Extremities (including shoulder)
  • Pelvis
  • Thyroid
  • All portable and bed side USG, Doppler as well as therapeutic procedures are done.

MRI Magnetom Avanto Dot. ( 1.5 Tesla)
MRI Magnetom Avanto Dot. ( 1.5 Tesla) of Siemen,s installed on 05/01/2016

Dr. Shirish Deshpande Sr. Research Consultant in Radiology who has an outstanding experience of more than 31 years and Dr. Amita Dhawas Consultant in Radiology who has also an experience of more than 4 years in CT scanning & MRI is looking after the work in this department along with the expert technical staff. Services of the department are available round the clock. The charges for scanning are economical compared to the other centers of Nagpur.

Procedure :- Special

  • MRI Angiography ( Cerebral, Carotid, Renal, lower & upper limb & Abdomen Aorta)
  • ASL -( Arterial spin labeling)
  • DTI  (Diffusion Tensor Imaging)
  • Functional MRI
  • CSF Flowmetery
  • Fistulogram.
  • MRCP
  • Spectroscopy.
  • Cardiac MRI

Possible MRI Scanning

  • Head, Orbit and sinus.
  • Neck.
  • Brachial plexus
  • Chest.
  • Shoulder.
  • Abdomen.
  • Pelvis.
  • Spine  Cervical, lumbar, Thoracic.
  • Extremities leg, femur, Hand and forearm.
  • Joint Foot, hip , ankle, knee , elbow, wrist.
  • MRI Cisternography.