Dr. Lokendra Singh

Dr. Lokendra Singh

MS, MCh, DNB, FRCS (Surgical Neurology)

Department of Neurosurgery

Name : Dr. Lokendra Singh
Gender :  Male
DoB :  17-07-1957
Nationality  : Indian


Consultant Neuro and Spinal Surgeon Director, Central India Institute of Medical Sciences, 88/2, Bajaj Nagar, Nagpur 440010, India.
Tel : Res : 0712 2242483 Mob : (91) 09823042161
Work: 91(712) 2236441, 2237662 Fax: 91(712) 2236416
E-mail: drlokendra_singh@hotmail.com , ciimsngp@gmail.com

M.B.B.S.  : 1980, SMS Medical College, Jaipur affiliated with University of Rajasthan, India
M.S. (Surgery) : 1984, SMS Medical College, Jaipur affiliated with University of Rajasthan, India
M.Ch. (Neurosurgery)
: 1988, PGIMER Chandigarh, India

D.N.B. (Neurosurgery) : 1990, DNB (Neurosurgery) New Delhi
FRCS III : 1994, Intercollegiate Exam.

Board in Surgical Neurology, EDINBURGH UK
Certified Training  : 1992-1994, Royal College of Surgeons of in Neurosurgery England

  1. Compulsory Rotating Internship (1 year) (1980-81) at SMS Medical College, Jaipur, Rajasthan,
  2. Housemanship in Psychiatry (Recognised by Medical Council of India) from May 18 1981 to Dec 11 1981, at NUR MANZIL Psychiatric Center,Lalbagh, Lucknow, India.
  3. Residency in General Surgery (3 years) Jan 1st 82 to Oct 3rd 85, SMS Medical College, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.
  4. Senior Residency in Neurosurgery (3 years) from Jan 27, 1986 to Feb 18, 1989, at Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Research, Chandigarh, India.
  5. Full Time Neurosurgeon from March 15, 1989 to July 9th, 1992, at Central India Institute of Medical Sciences, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India.
  6. Registrar in Surgical Neurology (July 1992 to June 1993) at National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery Queen Square,
  7. Registrar in Surgical Neurology (July 1993 to December 1993) Hope Hospital Salford Lancs, UK
  8. Registrar in Surgical Neurology (January 1994 to October 1994) Manchester Royal Infirmary Manchester, UK
  9. Senior Consultant Neurosurgeon from Nov. 1994 to till date Central India Institute of Medical Sciences, Nagpur, India
  10. Director, Central India Institute of Medical Sciences, Nagpur since 2006 – 2014
  11. Director, Central India Institute of Medical Sciences, Nagpur from 2015
  1. Peripheral Nerve injury and hand unit with Ralph Birch at Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore, UK, 1993.
  2. Microneurosurgical training under Kenichiro Sugita at Nagoya, Japan, University Dept. of Neurosurgery, 1993.
  3. Worked with Lindsay Symon and Prof. DGT Thomas at Institute of Neurology, Queen Square, Holborn, London, 1992-1993.
  4. Worked at Salford Neurosurgery Dept. with Richard A. Cowie, RAC Jones and CGH West, UK, 1993-1994
  5. Worked with Richard Lye, FA strang and P. L. Richardson at Dept. of Neurosurgery, Manchester Royal Infirmary Manchester, UK Jan. 1994 – Oct. 1994
  6. Trained with M. Gazi Yasargil and Prof. Ossama-Al-Mefty at Dept. of Neurosurgery, UAMS, Arkansas, USA, 1997
  7. Hospital Neurologigue, Lyon, France, with M. Sindou, 2003.
  8. of Neuroradiology, Bologna, Italy, with Prof Marco Leonardi, 2006
  9. of Neurosurgery, UAMS, Arkansas, Little rock USA with Prof. Gazi M.Yasargil and Ossama-AL-Mefty 1997
  10. Dept.of Neurosurgery, Sao Paulo, Brazil

    with Prof. Evandro De Oliveira, 2008.

  1. Neuropsychiatric Training at Nur Mazil Psychiatric Centre, Lalbagh Lucknow, India under Dr. David Hicking Botham, 1981.

  1. Hands on Dissection course at Tokyo, Japan in Sept.
  2. Instruction course of Midas rex at London in April
  3. Midas rex 18 hours advanced Instrumentation course at Chicago, USA, July
  4. International Thoraco-Lumbar ‘Hands-on’ workshop at UCL London, UK, 1993.
  5. International ‘Hands-on’ workshop on approaches to cavernous sinus and CP angle at UCL London, April,
  6. 3rd Indo-Japanese Neurosurgical Hands-on workshop Mumbai, India March, 2003.
  1. Surgical Workshop by M. Samii Hanover Germany at Bombay, Jan.1992.
  2. Skull Base Workshop at AIIMS, New Delhi, 1995.
  3. Neuroendoscopy Hands on Workshop at VIMHANS, New Delhi 1999.
  4. Endoscopic Skull Base Workshop at Mumbai, 2007.

Sugita International Scholarship to train with Prof. Kenichiro Sugita at Nagoya, Japan, Sept-Oct.1993.

  1. 9th International Congress of Neurological Surgery, New Delhi 1989.
  2. 52nd Annual Conference of Japanese Neurosurgeons at Tokyo Japan 1993
  3. 123rd Conference of British Neurosurgeons Birmingham, UK 1994
  4. 2nd Rottardam International skull base day Rotterdam, Netherlands March,
  5. 5th Asian-Oceanian International Congress on Skull Base, Mumbai, 1999
  6. 12th world congress of Neurosurgery, Sydney Australia, Sept. 2001
  7. International Critical Care Congress Nagpur, India, Feb. 2005
  8. 2nd International symposium on spine Intervention : Full spectrum, New Delhi, India, April, 2005
  9. 13th world congress of Neurosurgery Marrakesh, Morocco, June,
  10. CME of world Federation of Neurology August 2006
  11. 8th International Congress on cerebrovascular surgery at Taipai, Taiwan 2006
  12. 9th Ascian –Oceanian International Congress on skull base, Busan, S-Korea Nov 2008.
  13. 2nd International congress of Ascia Oceania Neurotrauma Society, Tokyo, Japan, March,2010.
  14. 26th Congress of Society of Neuro Surgeons of South Africa, Durban 3-6 August 2017.
  1. International Guest Faculty to talk on Reconstruction of Axis vertebra in cases of Trauma’at 2nd International Congress on Neurotrauma at Tokyo, Japan, 2010.
  2. Has been invited to chair Scientific sessions in more than 25
  3. Guest Faculty in more than 27 National and Regional
  4. Attended more than 90 Conferences at National Presented more then 15 cases in clinical meetings of Academy of Medical Sciences, Nagpur.
  5. International Faculty at 26th Congress of Neuro Surgeons of South Africa, Durban, 2017.
  1. Department of Neurosurgery Shinshu University Mastumoto,
  2. Department of Radio Surgery Komaki,
  3. of Neurosurgery Nagoya University City Hospital, Nagoya Japan.
  1. Spinal Surgery, Microvascular Surgery, Skull base Surgery and Minimally Invasive
  2. Functional Neurosurgery – Branchial Plexus and periph. nerve surg
  3. Ozonotherapy
  • Patent No. 224547 date:- 08-03-2006 Inflatable Intra Ventricular Ballon Device.
  •  Patent No. 219414 date:- 22-03-2006 Development of a Device – Cylindrical Channel Retractor for Intraventricular Surgery
  1. Use of an inflatable balloon on a catheter to prevent subdural fluid collections after intraventricular tumor surgery (Technical note) Lokendra Singh, Ch., Shailesh Kelkar, M.Ch., & Nilesh Agrawal, M.Ch. Journal of Neurosurgery. Vol. 108 No. 5 May 2008.p. no. 1028-32. Department of Neurosurgery, Central India Institute of Medical Sciences, Nagpur, India.
  2. “Cylindrical channel retractor for intraventricular tumor surgery – a simple and inexpensive device” Lokendra Singh, M.Ch., Nilesh Agrawal, M.Ch. accepted in Acta Neurochirurgical. Acta Neurochirurgica. Vol.151 No.11 November 2009. p.no. 1493-97.
  3. Stitch retractor – simple and easy technique to retract brain Lokendra Singh, M.Ch., Nilesh Agrawal, M.Ch. World Neurosurgery. Vol.73, issue 2 February 2010.p.np.123-127.
  4. Surgical management of posterior cranial fossa meningiomas. British Journal of Neurosurgery (1993), Vol 7, No. 6, Pages 599-609.
  5. Ozone nucleolysis in the management of lumbar intervertebral disc prolapsed : A retrospective non-randomised analysis. Spinal Surg. Vol. 1 No. 4 April 2010 Contributions in books
    1. Progress in Clinical Neurosciences ( Volume 26 ) Editors Deepu Banerji, Apoorva Pauranik Dorsal median approach for intradural and intramedullary (IDIM) tumours Page 226 – 231
    2. The Journal of Spinal Surgery ( Volume 31 ) Editors: Muthu Kumar & Vinay Goyal Page 119 – 208
  1. GMC (UK) 4327743
  2. NSI SNS-041.
  3. Neuro-otologic Soc. of India – 366
  4. Epilepsy Society of India – S-012
  5. IMA Academy of Medical Sciences – Mah/513/2/152/2002-03/L
  1. Recipient of “Sahitya Academy Award” (First Prize) of Govt. of Maharashtra in 2011 for collection of Poems “Bunde Jeevan Ki” Published by Vani Prakashan, New Delhi.
  2. Invited as a Resource Person for Refresher Course for All India Hindi University Teachers under the auspices of University Grand Commission organised by Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University in
  3. Many English and Hindi poems published in News papers &
  4. Poetry recitations in “Kavi Sammelans”.
  1. Writings on Medical subjects for public at
  2. English and Hindi articles and Series to increase public awareness on various issues related to
  1. More than 55 articles, Satires and short stories in News Papers & magazines
  2. Travelogues
  1. “Cofin Her Back” published by Lifi Publication
  2. “Ajey” The invincible published by Lifi Publication
  3. “Reminiscences of Neurosurgeon” published by Lifi Publication
  4. “The Scandals, Candles & Sandals” published by Leadstart Publication
  1. Many awards for Stage Performances, Drama Directions
  2. Radio Artist & TV
  • Dosar Vaishya Mahasabha Samman Chinha
  • Rotary Club Nagpur West appreciation Award 2007-2008.
  • Hindi Rastra Bhasha Prachar Samiti Smruti Chinha
  • Paul Harris Fellow of Rotary International.
  • Rastriya Pustak Mela Smruti Chinha
  • Khatargachchh Jain Samaj Samman
  • Vidarbha Hindi Sahitya Sammelan Nagpur ‘Sahitya Sanman 2012’.
  • ‘Abhinandan Patra’ by Sakal Jain Samaj Nagpur,
  • ‘Excellent Achievers Award 2012’ by Indian Muslim Graduates Foundation.
  • ‘SARTH Abhiman’ by Baji Prabhu Nagrik Mandal, 1st September
  • Felicitation by Gujarat Samaj on 15th August
  • Rajasthani Mahila Mandal Samman,
  • Scroll of Gratitude by undergraduate cell NKP Salve Institute of Medical Sciences, Nagpur2013
  • Prestigious ‘Vidarbha Seva Samman’ conferred on 8th August 2013 in the presence of Sant Bhayyujji Maharaj, Nitin Gadkari, Shivaji Rao Moghe and Former MP Banwarilal
  • A rare ‘Certificate of Honour’ by batch mates of SMS Medical College, Jaipur 1974 for being the most talented member of the batch
  • ‘Dainik Bhaskar Satkar’ 2014 for social
  • ‘Hindi Sewa Samman’ by Lokmat Group
  • Abhinandan by Paschim Nagpur Bangya Samiti, Bengali Association,
  • ‘Sadbhav Samman’ and felicitation by Indian Peace Centre, Nagpur in 2015 for contribution in the field of Hindi Literature under the auspices of Maharashtra Rajya Hindi Sahitya
  • ‘The Pride of Planet Award 2016’ by Pachlore Foundation, Amravati, Maharashtra
  Beneficiary Patients Category   2018-2019   2017-2018   2017-2016
  Indigent   79,44,790/-   1,14,11,630/-   80,34,755/-
  Economically backward   27,24,104/-   24,87,405/-   32,08,354/-
  Total   1,06,68,894/-   1,38,99,035/-   1,12,43,109/-
  Total No. of Beneficiary Patients   2018-2019   2017-2018   2017-2016
  Indigent   469   561   481
  Economically backward   193   244   248
  Total   662   805   729

1.Patent No. 224547 date:- 08-03-2006
Inflatable Intra Ventricular Ballon Device.

2.Patent No. 219414 date:- 22-03-2006 Development of a Device – Cylindrical Channel Retractor for Intraventricular Surgery.


  1. State Award for Medical Services at the hands of Governor and Chief Minister of Maharashtra on 1st May
  2. Sant Namdeo Purskar (Poetry),

    1st Prize by Maharashtra Hindi Sahitya Academy, Govt. of Maharashtra in 2010

  • “The Scandals, Candles & Sandals” published by Leadstart Publications
  • “Cofin Her Back” published by Lifi Publications
  • “Reminiscences of Neurosurgeon” published by Lifi Publications
  • “Ajey” The invincible published by Lifi Publications
  • Collection of Poems
  • “ Bunde Jeevan Ki ” Published by Vani Prakashan, New Delhi.
  • Extensively covered by English & Hindi Dailies for Medical & Social Welfare