Dr. Subhangi Muley

Dr. Subhangi Muley

M.B.B.S., M.D

Department of Critical Care & Anaesthesia

Name  :  Dr. (Mrs.) Shubhaqngi Muley
Gender :  Female
DOB :  31st Dec, 1958.
Nationality  :  Indian

M.B.B.S All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi
    INDIA, 1986.
M.D (Anaesthesiology) All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi,
    INDIA, 1981.
    1   Senior Research Consultant   July 1991 – Till Date     CIIMS Hospital Sr. Research Consultant in Anesthesiology & Critical Care
2 Senior Resident 1st July 1987 to 31st Dec. 1990 Govt. Medical College Nagpur Medical Intern
  3 House Surgeon In Anesthesia 01/02/1983 – 31/07/1983 Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital, Mumbai House Surgeon In Anesthesia
4 House Officer in Paediatrics 11/08/1983 – 05/02/1984 Central Railway Hospital, Nagpur House Officer in Paediatrics
  5 Postgraduate Student For M.D. (Anesthesiology) 06/02/1984 – 30/11/1985 Dptm. of Anaesthesiology, Goverment Medical College & Hospital, Nagpur Postgraduate Student For M.D. (Anesthesiology)
6 Medical Officer in Anaesthesiology 12/09/1986 – 30/04/1988 Mayo General Hospital, Nagpur Medical Officer in Anaesthesiology
7 Senior Resident in Anaesthesiology 23/05/1988 – 07/03/1995 King Fahd Specialist Hospital, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Senior Resident in Anaesthesiology
  1. Worked as Medical Officer in Anaesthesiology in Indira Gandhi Medical College for 1.5
  2. Worked with Territory Referral Center and Specialist Hospital in Ministry of health Saudi Arabia for 7

Total number of years – twenty
(As Sr. Consultant- 16 yrs., as Sr. Resident- 4 yrs.)

As a Consultant Anaesthetist at Central India Institute of Medical Sciences, I can safely claim to have one of the longest tenures in neuro anaethesia, and trauma care in the Central India region. This is by virtue of the nature of the Institute I am working in. CIIMS Nagpur started as a “Super Specialty” Institute and has, over the years, become established as a referral center for the specialties of Neurology and Neuro Surgery, Trauma services in the form of Orthopaedics, General Surgery, Plastic Surgery and Emergency and Critical Care Medicine.
I have been working as consultant on an independent basis. My colleague and I run two O.Ts. regularly independently. An average of 60 to 70 major surgeries are performed per month. Of these, around 70% are neurosurgeries, details of which are given below.
The scope of anaesthesia work that I have undertaken at CIIMS includes:

  • Neuro anaesthesia.
  • Trauma care including orthopaedics & plastic
  • General
  • Cardiac
  • Paediatric anaesthesia.
  • ICU Management.

Neuro Anaesthesia:
I have been involved in the surgical and pre and post surgical management of paitents with head injuries, cranial tumors, cerebral aneurysms, arterio venous malformations, endarterectomies, posterior fossa surgeries, spinal surgery, advanced surgeries for cervical spinal canal, cranio vertebral anomalies (both trans- oral and posteior approaches) stabilization procedures, myelomeningocoeles, cranial repairs in infants etc.

Trauma Care:
Peri operative trauma care managed by me includes:

  • Emergency management of patients with poly
  • Chest injuries.
  • Elective orthopaedics like hip and knee replacement in the elderly, malignancies etc.
  • Plastic procedures including facio maxillary surgery and revascularisation procedures.

General Surgery:
The scope of general surgery patients managed by me includes cases like:

  • Mastectomies
  • Laparotomies for the entire scope of GI Surgery
  • Laparoscopic Surgery for gall bladder
  • Trans-urethral procedures

Cardiac Anaesthesia:
I have been managing cardiac surgical patients at our hospital where the scope of cardiac surgical work was extensive and included valve replacements, congenital cardiac corrections (including repairs for TOF, tricuspid atresia, TGA) closed heart procedures (PDA interruptions, closed mitral valvotomies) and peripheral vascular surgeries, thymectomies, thoracotomies (for lung resection) etc.

Paediatric Anaesthesia:
I have been managing the paediatric population for anaesthesia and ICU care as a part of the holistic management of children presenting for :

  • Neurosurgery: meningomyelocoele, cranioplasty, V-P shunt, head injury, intracranial tumors, posterior fossa tumors, etc.
  • Cardiac Surgery: PDA interruptions; correction of congenital lesions like TOF, tricuspid atresia; ASD and VSD repairs,
  • General Surgery: congenital hernias, undescended testis, laparotomies, etc.
    The particular challenges that have been posed to me (and successfully managed) during management of the paediatric population for these specialized procedures have been :
                               Dealing with massive blood losses ,
                               Prevention of hypothermia,
                               Management of difficult surgical positions, Fluid replacement,
                               Post-operative care, Elective Ventilation

ICU Management:
In ICU, I have been responsible for overall management of neurologicial, neuro surgical and polytrauma patients like. G. B. Syndrome, myasthenic crisis, COAD with respiratory failure, status asthmaticus, organophosphous poisoning, polytrauma with various complications (like ARDS, DIC, renal failure), cerebral strokes management of children in ICU, etc.

This has meant deciding ventilation and treatment strategies, nutrition, antibiotic regimens, weaning from ventilation etc. and maintenance and unkeep of ventilators (which we have eight in number), monitoring systems (including ECG, invasive pressures, end tidal CO2, arterial blood gases etc). defibrillators and general ICU management.

Clinical Skills & Proficiency: 

  • Skilled for providing basic life support to adults and Skilled at intubation, cardiac resuscitation and emergency ventilation in adults
  • Skilled at independent conduct of anaesthsia for all kinds of surgical procedures viz. neurosurgery, cardiac surgery, orthpaedics, general surgery, paediatric surgery, renal transplants, urologic procedures,
  • Skilled at regional anaesthetic procedures like subarachnoid, epidural, brachial plexus blocks
  • Skilled at post operative care in
  • Skilled in use of various ventilation modes from induction of ventilation to maintenance and weaning from long term
  • Procedural proficiency in various procedures like lumbar puncture, jugular and sub- clavian venous cannulation, arterial cannulation

Academic Pursuits:

As Consultant at CIIMS I have been involved in the teaching activities of our Institute in the form of clinical meetings, teaching of junior medical staff, teaching of staff nurses as well as nursing staff on rotation from nearby rural hospitals.
Besides these, I have been involved in a series of guest lectures on various topics on the following occasions.

  • National conference of Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists at Nagpur (2000)- on
  • Association of Physicians of India- Bhopal (2001).
  • “Masicon 97”- XIX Annual Conference of the Association of Surgeons of India- Aurangabad (1991).
  • Medicon 96”- All India Medical Conference at Nagpur (1996).

I have also been associated as a faculty member in an interactive diabetes- training programme meant for practicing physicians all over India. This was conduced by the University of Newcastle Novocare Diabetes Academy in 2001.
I have co- authored a book titled “Perioperative Diabetes Management” in association with senior physician colleague Dr. S. K. Kelkar.

Workshop on “Ventilation in ICU” under the aegis of Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists during the 48th National Conference at Nagpur in Dec. 2000.

Conducted series of lectures in “Peri Operative Diabetes Management” for groups of medical personnel viz. anaesthesiologiests, physicians and surgeons in association with a senior physician colleague of my Institute at Nagpur.
Currently involved in organizing First Asian Conference on Shock and Sepsis under the aegis of Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine , Nagpur.


  • National Trauma Management Course for trauma (April 2006) conducted jointly by Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine, Nagpur; Academy of Traumatology (India) and IATSIC.
  • Undertaken Clinical Attachment in the department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care at the Nottingham City Hospital, Nottingham, U.K from 1st July 2005 to 17th 2005.
  • Workshop on Haemodynamic monitoring organized by ISCCM, Nagpur in Oct.
  • National Conferences of Indian Society of Anaesthesiology, Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine, Indian Society of Neuroanesthesia and Critical Care.


  1. Conducted at CIIMS Nagpur (Jan. 2005).
    Purpose- Effect of structured teaching on practical knowledge of diabietes mellitus and its management in nurses before and after a structured teaching programme.
  2. Conducted at Nottingham City Hospital (July 2005).
    Purpose- To assess and evaluate the completeness of filling of “Daily Review Sheets” by doctors, working in Adult Intensive Care. These sheets were assessed for data recording under 20 different heads which included different aspects of history, physical examination, supports, results of investigations, daily plans etc.
  1. Life membership of Indian Medical Association and Academy Of Medical Sciences.
  2. Life membership of Indian Society Of Anesthesiology & Critical Care Society Of
  3. Executive member of ISA city branch