CT Scan

Somatom ARC model is now replaced by spiral CT Scan Emotion DUO power of Siemens, installed on 10.09.2003 Dr.Shirish Deshpande Sr.Consultant in Radiology who has an outstanding experience of more than 10 years in CT Scanning and MRI is looking after the work in this department along with the expert technical staff. Services of this department are available round the clock. The charges for scanning are economical compared to the other centers of Nagpur.

This is an additional attachment of CT Scan recently installed in our hospital, With the help of which three dimensional images of any part of the body is possible. The unique feature of this unit is that of editing facility i.e.. the part of 3D images which is not required can be deleted to get additional diagnostic information. Another additional feature of this unit is MPR (ie. Multi Planner Reconstruction) with the help of this one can reconstruct set of images in any plane (i.e.. orthogonal) then conventional, sagittal and corneal planes.

3D images and MPR images enhances diagnostic value. In the whole central India region this is available in CIIMS hospital at very reasonable charges

Machine Name : Siemens SOMATOM EMOTION DUO
Type Multislice Scanner (DUO Scan)
Date of Installation : 10.09.2003
Scan Time : 0.8 sec/scan

  1. Perfusion (Cerebral study) Quantitative evaluation of dynamic CT Data of Brain following highly concentrated bolus contrast for differential diagnosis and management of acute ischemic stroke.
  2. Angiography : (Cerebral, carotid, lower limb, upper limb aorta)
    4 Vessel cerebral angio and peripheral angiograph
  3. 3D VRT - Volume rendering technique SSD - Surface shaded display
                       MPR - Multiplamer reconstruction
                       MIP - Maximum intensity projection
  4.  Volume     Possible Scanning :
    1) Head - Orbit, Sinus.
    2) Neck
    3) Shoulder
    4) Abdomen
    5) Pelvis
    6) Spine - Cervical, Lumbar, Thoracic
    7) Extrenuties
    8) C T Guided biopsy