General Surgery

This department was started in CIIMS, 16 years ago, out of necessity of treating serious abdominal trauma, in a polytrauma care in tertiary care setup. It was later realized that patients earlier treated here for significant illnesses like craniotomy, valve replacement, come with general surgical conditions that need close cooperation of the previous specialties with general surgeon to treat the problem. Similarly sick patients needing general and sophisticated equipments for monitoring have also become frequent. Many complicated undiagnosed cases with complications in General Surgical problems need to be tackled here.

The department of surgery has one full-time senior consultant for the last 16 years, Dr. Sanjeevanee Kelkar, MS (Surgery) has worked for many years in the most adverse situations in rural tribal Coorg in Karnataka before joining CIIMS. The department has many interesting cases to their credit. Hepatosplenic tears, pulmonary embolism after splenectomy was one such, a badly traumatized pancreas was another. Acute appendicular inflammation in mitral valve replaced patient, abdominoperinal resection in an old man bleeding heavily from rectal carcinoma and other complicated pancreatic problems have already got achieved in the annals of surgery in CIIMS.

Since last 16 years this dept. has faced serious traumatic abdomen on a high frequency basis. It is the upper abdominal trauma with serious tears of liver, spleen & even pancreas and mesenteries that present to us. Even the mortality is very low & the hospital stay not unduly long. Another singular experience is emergency and non-emergency abdominal surgery (including pelvic) on patients who are on life long anticoagulation for cardiac (Heart) valve replacement. We are proud that we have 100% success rate with them. We have to deal with polytrauma & RSA cases very often.

The surgery dept. interacts quite often with intensivist, nephrologists, hematologists, radiologists and other specialties required as the severity of our problems demands multiple inputs. On the non-traumatic side of acute and chronic abdomen , Complicated abdominal problems from outside, Breast surgeries and oncosurgeries thyroid and other cancer surgeries and anorectal problems. we deal very often with long undiagnosed cases who go from pillar to post in search of not cure but diagnosis and explanations. As a tertiary care surgical center we expect to see this but the high frequently of it is disturbing.

Many cases of Abdominal tuberculosis, other extra-abdominal tuberculosis are diagnosed and treated here. Pyothorax , Hemopneumothorax ,are dealt with quite often. Variety of cold abscesses lymphomas, soft tissue sarcomas are treated often.

Along with this Breast Cancer awareness programme is conducted regularly for last 7 yrs, with the help of slide shows and lectures. Women above 35 years get education of Breast self examination. Every Saturday between 12 pm to 2 pm Breast Cancer Clinic functions for the same purpose in the CIIMS premises.

We have now regular diagnostic grastroscopy available with General Surgery Department. We need to do Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) in many neurologically ill patients who need tube feeding for few months where Ryles/Levines tube cannot be tolerated. This is now regularly done in our surgical department. Along with filler-optic portable Gastroscope we also have Video Gastroscope and Video Colonoscope and these investigative diagnostic and therapeutic utilization is required quite often.

This surgeon believes in educating patients about their oil ments, so that patients look after themselves better. In spite of this defaulter rate in patients of tuberculosis still bothering her as they do become MDR later.

Dr. Mrs. Sanjeevanee S. Kelkar

MBBS, MS (Gen. Surgery), Sr. Consultant, CIIMS

Dr. Raj Kanthawar

MS Gen. Surgery (Laprosopic Surgeon)