Admission Procedure

Emergency and trauma cases are admitted through casualty and other admissions through consultant.  There are 2 types of admission whether to admit in ward or in ICU, consultant decides.

At the time of admission the indoor file is prepared. 

There are 3 types of In Patient file
1. Neurology
2. Trauma/ Neurosurgery, Orthosurgery, Gen surgery
3. Medicine patients. 

Beds are provided in casualty to manage the patients even for day care services.  At the reception patient’s relatives are asked for the choice of accommodation what  they wants and accordingly the patient is admitted. Consent form and Biochemistry investigation form is signed by the relative.  Here it is mentioned that if required Biochemistry investigation for research lab will be done.

  • During admission Advance is taken for Various Wards as per discretion of Admission Staff. Advance Amount and Bill Payments are accepted through various modes of payment.

    Patients getting admitted in ICU are asked to deposit money for medicine which is supplied through hospital medical stores they are providing round  the clock services.

    During admission approximate expenditure, is also told, this helps a lot to the relatives and they remains tension free. Admission services are available round the clock.

  • Prior to admission, relatives are asked to take out the ornaments, rings and wrist watch.  Hospital will not bear any responsibility for loss of personal belongings or valuables including mobile phones..

  • In case if the type of room asked by patient / relative is not available they will be given wherever the bed is available in ward and later on relatives should contact nurses counter to give their claim for accommodation.  This needs to be followed because  treatment to the sick patient is very very important.


Wards and ICU’sNo of BedsType
General Ward34 
Semi Private Ward243 bedded Room
Private Rooms07Air Cooled Room
Deluxe Private Room05AC Room
Super Deluxe Private Room02Deluxe room equipped with color TV and fridge
Trauma ICU05 
Stroke Care Unit (ICU)05 
Medicine ICU10 
Surgical ICU10 
Semi ICU08 

In Gen ward and semi Pvt room only one relative is allowed.  In case if the patient is violent or can’t be managed by one relative in that case consultant decides and write on visitors pass that how many persons are allowed to take care of patient.
In Pvt room 2 persons are allowed to stay with patient.
In ICU only one person is allowed to stay outside of the ICU.
At the time of admission relatives are given a booklet of rules and regulations.  Most of the rules are in the interest of patient and expect co-operation from relatives.  They are told that visitors are allowed only from 4.00 to 6.00 pm. clock.