In Patient Service

Services Provided to Inpatient

Nursing services – Daily basic care.
Assessment – Comprehensive assessment for
1. Care planning – diagnosis if it is critical, pt is admitted in ICU according to status care is planned.
2. Care giving – What help extended to patient on admission.
3. Management –

1. History of the patient.
2. Investigation
3. Diagnosis
4. Treatment will be decided
5. Evaluation  - Response towards the treatment
6. Rehabilation

i). Physiotherapy
ii). Diet care plan
iii). How to take patient’s care at home


Diet – RT feeds are provided to the needy patients from hospital.
Canteen facilities – From 7.00 am to 10.00 pm the canteen provides various dishes at nominal charges.

For indoor patients & relatives we provide various magazines of Hindi, Marathi and English. Patients and their relatives have appreciated, moving library.

For patient’s relatives hall is provided free of cost which is attached with toilet and bathroom.

2 dead bodies can be kept in mortuary at nominal charges Rs.40/hr.  This is only for our hospital patient.

1. The well equipped casualty department treats all patients except burns and pregnancy cases.
2. The casualty medical officers have the back up support of Sr. Consultants.  Most of the important diagnostic tests are performed round the clock to find out the nature of disease.

These includes

i) CT Scan
ii) X-Ray
iii) Pathology
iv) Interventional Radiology
v) Tests like EMG (Electromyography), NCV (Nerve conduction study), EP (Evoked Potential), EEG (Electro Encephalography), Echo, sonography, doppler, TMT, etc are also performed.

Beds are provided in casualty  to manage the patient.
Casualty is equipped with all emergency drugs / medicines to manage serious patient.
Out sourced ambulance services are available round the clock.

At CIIMS round the clock emergency services are available for indoor patients. There are 7 categories of accommodations.

  1. Wards and ICU’s No of Beds Type
    General Ward 34  
    Semi Private Ward 24 3 bedded Room
    Private Rooms 07 Air Cooled Room
    Deluxe Private Room 05 AC Room
    Super Deluxe Private Room 02 Deluxe room equipped with color TV and fridge
    Trauma ICU 05  
    Stroke Care Unit (ICU) 05  
    Medicine ICU 10  
    Surgical ICU 10  
    Semi ICU 08  
  • Deluxe Room  - Air conditioner, Colour TV, Refrigerator, Attached Washroom, 2 persons are allowed to stay with patient.
  • Private room with A/c – Air conditioner, Attached washroom, 2 persons are allowed to stay in room with patient.
  • Private room (Air cooled) –Cooling ducts, Attached washroom, Along with one patient 2 relatives are allowed to stay with patient.
  • Semi private room – 3 bedded Hall with common toilet and bathroom, only one relative is permitted to stay with patient.
  • General Ward – 10 bedded Hall, only one relative is permitted to stay with patient.