Dr. Mrs. Divya Mehta

Dr. Mrs. Divya Mehta

M.P.Th. (Muscaloskeletal Sciences) MIAP

Department of Physiotherapy

Name : Dr. Mrs. Divya Mehta
Date of Birth : 3/11/1983

Birth Place : Nagpur, India
Nationality : Indian
Languages  : Hindi, English

I find working in the field of physiotherapy very fulfilling because it enables me to help people regain their health and happiness. My constant endeavour is to hone my skills and proficiency to the utmost level of perfection, so that one day I can realise my goal of heading an organisation and making a positive impact on people’s lives.


Workshops/ C.M.Es Attended:

  1. Maitland’s Peripheral   Joints   Manipulations,   convened   by   School   of Physiotherapy, Melbourne University,
  2. Recent trends   in   Pulmonary   Rehabilitation,   conducted  at   N.P.C. Wardha.
  3. Stroke Rehabilitation, conducted at R.N.P.C.
  4. M.E on Women’s health at R.N.P.C. Wardha.
  5. Pelvic girdle dysfunction, at S.P.M’s College of Physiotherapy, Nagpur.
  6. Hands on workshop on Mullian Manual Therapy at
  7. Hands on workshop on Adult Neuro Development Therapy (NDT) at CIIMS.
  8. Workshop on comprehensive rehabilatation on patients with spinal cord injury and wheel chair
  1. Post-Graduate Dissertation: “Reliability of testing iliotibial band tightness in patients with Patellofemoral pain”, for the award of the degree of Master of physiotherapy program under the Maharashtra University of health Sciences,
  2. Conducted study on “Prevalence of shoulder pain and limitation in type 2 Diabetes Mellitus patients in the age group of 36-75 years”, towards completion of the physiotherapy program under the Maharashtra University of health Sciences,
  3. Conducted a “Study to Assess Pulmonary Function in Trumpet Players” as a part of final year project under the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik

Paper titled “Low back pain evaluation in normotensives versus hypertensives using McGill pain Questionnaire” presented at the 46th Annual, Indian Association of Physiotherapists National Conference, Dehradun, Uttaranchal

  • Worked at Shushrut trauma hospital and research centre for a period of 6
  • Working in CIIMS from 21.9.2009 till date