Clinical Psychology

Department of neuropsychology at the CIIMS hospital, has a well equiped Neuropsychological assessment, counselling and rehabilitation unit. The unit offers assessment and rehabilitation services for Neurological, Neurosurgical and Psychiatric Conditions.

Neuropsychological Assessment and Neuropsychological remediation are the twin branches of clinical neuropsychology.The unit offers neurodevelopmental assessments, neuropsychological testing. NIMHANS neuropsychology battery, neuropsychology battery for children, neuropsychological bettery for intractable epilepsy is frequently used.

We also conduct aptitude testing, IQ testing, personality assessments. We provide counseling and a special training module is provided for mentally retarded children.Cognitve retraining retraining is given to patients with brain damage to improve their functioning.Hospital and home based retraining aprroaches are used.Detail assessment of conditions like alzeimers, dementia, epilepsy, stroke, depression, ocd, attention deficits and hyperactivity disorder, conduct disorders is being conducted. Behaviour therapy for patients with depression, anxiety disorders is done.


Mrs. Sayali Kulkarni (Maste)