Dietetics & Obesity Clinic

Department of Dietetics provides a wide range of dietetics services to indoor and outdoor patients. We provide and outdoor patients. We provided diet counseling and advice on medical nutritional therapy, access the nutritional intake and requirements of patients and help to plan and design the therapeutic diets for various medical conditions. Our therapeutic diet aims at improving patients clinical outcomes. For example ensuring better blood glucose control for diabetics and achieving normal cholesterol levels for cardiac patients. In addition we also specialize in planning tube feeding regimes for patients.

                Indeed you are what you eat but you are also what you do not eat. The health full diets depends not so much on consuming any particular nutrients or group of nutrients but rather on the over all structure of the diet the combination of various food materials the total balance of food we eat. The department of CIIMS has come a long way to help people and patients live healthy and eat rightly.

                Department convince the people that our food can be source of goodness and energy beyond it calorie and biochemical contents also. We convey that we can alter the vibrant dynamic free flowing energy that our life force by the food we eat.

                Department describes how to prevent and treat the ailment by adjusting the diet and recommending specific foods and popularizing balance diets.

                Involve in multi disciplinary ward rounds / meetings e.g. Neurology, Neurosurgery ward rounds.

Nutritional assessment and enternal nutrition support services, including tube feeding and modified texture diets.

Set dietary guidelines for inpatients meals.

Our Services :

Our dietician provide the following rang of services for indoor and outdoor patients.

Individual dietary assessment and advice on therapeutic diet for adults and children with.

Neurological disorder.

Inborn error of metabolism.


Renal disorder

Cardiac disorder
Liver disorder

Tube feeding

And any other diet related problems.

Our specialization

  • Tube feeding – Our dietician has made natural formulation from cereal, pulse and millet combination which are thermally processed and made it in powder from specially for tube feed patients. Which helps to fulfill the nutritional requirement of RT feed. Patient specially the protein and calorie requirement. It helps in fast recovery and maintain the IBW of patients in long run.
  • Ketogenic diet – We have specialized dietician for Keto diet in refractory epilepsy for both adult and children patient. Which helps to control the seizures by maintaining the Ketons in patients body through diet.

The hallmark of our department is the delineation of all the physiological needs of the patient and limitations imposed by the treating physicians due to the diseased conditions. Accordingly the diets are planned. We answer to a variety of demands like low volume high calorie diets, low protein low potassium diets, low sodium diets. etc.

Our specialization lies in bringing about a behavioural modification among obese clients and changing their life style to acquire a desired body weight.

A regular diet counseling for our own staff helps them to remain in good health free from disease.

Diet we believe is an important adjuvant to the therapy for proper healing and maintenance of proper milieu.

Miss. Disha Jasani

B.Sc. Biotechnology, P.G. Diploma in dietetics