Physiotherapy is a branch of healthcare science that mainly concentrates on the physical aspects of an individual's health, by treating their physical ailments.It is the fourth largest healthcare profession in the world and addresses problems with movement, dysfunction and pain.It helps to restore well-being of people following injury, pain or disability.It emphasis on the use of physical approaches for the promotion of health and the prevention, treatment and management of disease and disability,which can arise from musculoskeletal, neurological, respiratory, and chronic disability conditions, or from mental illness and intellectual impairment.

OVERVIEW Quality and excellence in patient care are first and foremost at CIIMS physiotherapy department since where we are committed to do the best we can do to get you back to your high level of activity in a minimal amount of time. We aim to return you to your everyday events without physical limitations or pain. The major focus of physiotherapy department is to provide highly specialized physical rehabilitation programs for patients with disabilities arising due to various reasons. The physiotherapy department strives to provide an in-patient and out-patient service that is based on high standards of care. Goals are achieved through comprehensive assessment with individualized treatment combining education, continuous support, home exercise programmes and advice, using knowledge from our extensive.

The physiotherapy treatment is well equipped with the best modern gadgets and has applications in all disciplines of modern medicine – Orthopedics, neurology, neurosurgery, pediatrics, obstetrics& gynaecology, general surgery, plastic surgery,rheumatology, sports medicine, women wellness, ergonomics, geriatric rehabilitation and critical care etc.
  1. Neuro rehabilitation
    We provide comprehensive physical assessments and individualized rehabilitation therapy sessions for patients with movement difficulties arising from neurological diseases such as strokes, head injuries, neurodegenerative conditions, brain tumors, and spinal cord injuries etc. For patients on planned surgeries, pre-operative and post-operative assessments are provided to ensure early identification of movement-related problems. Therapy sessions aim for restoration of movement functions for optimal functioning in daily life. The team focuses on the restoration of function in people with a wide range of disabling injuries and illnesses.
  2. Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT)
    Patients with peripheral vestibular dysfunctions often present with dizziness. In addition, they may also have an array of physical or functional limitations affecting their daily activities, such as driving, shopping or even simply getting up from bed. Trained vestibular rehabilitation physiotherapists provide a proper identification of the problem and train for various vestibular exercises. Patients will have regular follow-up visits with our therapists until compensation and habituation are complete and optimal balance is attained.
  3. Musculoskeletal rehabilitation
    We provide treatment for back and neck pain, posture related muscular pain,arthiritis,fracture rehabilitation, post operative rehabilitation e.g.: THR,TKR,ACL rehabilitation ,shoulder surgery etc.We also have various back care programmes and posture correction programs.
  4. Pediatric physiotherapy
    Specialist physiotherapist treat a number of pediatric conditions including developmental problems, cerebral palsy etc. Aid in improving muscle strength, joint range of motion and help in regaining other functional activities for the child ages.
  5. Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation           Pulmonary rehabilitation for pre and post operative pulmonary conditions in ICU and Wards are provided by skilled therapist.It includes an evaluation of the      patient,exercise,education,counseling,risk factor modification and learning             ways to live a healthier life.
    Cardiac rehabilitation of 6-8 weeks is provided aimed at improving their quality of life.The programme is designed for individual needs. Exercise class involves using equipments such as static bicycle,treadmill etc.
  6. Geriatric rehabilitation
    More than one-third of the elderly population (age 65 and above) fall each year,due to this fear their quality of life suffers.We plan treatment in order to prevent risk of fall, increase strength and help in improving balance and mobility,restoring their confidence thus improving quality of life.
  7. Women health and fitness
    Skilled female physiotherapist help to cater the needs of today’s women in regards to health and physical fitness. Comprehensive ANC and PNC programmes are provided to get the new mothers back into shape and to lead a healthy and a fit lifestyle.
  • Ergonomic assessment and occupational health service.
  • Post surgical home based rehabilitation following discharge

Dr. Mrs. Divya Mehta

M.P.Th. (Muscaloskeletal Sciences) MIAP

Dr.Babita Burange

M.P.Th., (Neuroscience)