Our Facilities


  • Electroencephalogram 
  • Electromyogram and nerve conduction study
  • Evoked potential study
  • Regular neurosurgery and micro-neurosurgery Vascular neurosurgery 
  • Intensive trauma care unit
  • Treatment of disc problems and spine problems with ozone therapy

General Surgery and Endoscopy

  • Regular general surgery with Stomach, Intestine, Pancreatic Liver and Spleen Surgery, Sigmadoscopy, Thyroid, Genitourinary, Unrestal, Hepatobiliary, Breast Surgery Biopsy Telescopic Stomach, and Eye Examination (Video Gastroscopy, Colonoscopy) Sigmadoscopy and all emergency facilities

Orthopedic Surgery

  • Bone and Joint Surgery with Fractures Bone Infection, Bone Tumors, Spinal Column Surgery,(under C-ARM/X Ray Vision), Polio Arthritis, Backache Clinic

Cardiac Science

  • 2-D Echo , Vascular Doppler , Color Doppler
  • Stress Lab

Critical Care (I.C.U) and Anesthesia

  • Pre-Operative Anesthesia Clinic
  • Critical Care 24 Hours
  • Vitelography (Spirometry)
  • Facilities of High Efficiency Department (I.C.U) – 24 Hours

Internal (General Medicine) and Diabetes

  • Facilities for external and under-patients
  • For all medical problems like diabetes, lung diseases, gastro intestinal and rheumatological diseases

Interventional Radiology abd X-ray

  • Conventional X-rays (X-rays)
  • barium special test pyelographic exercises, myelogram etc.
  • Interventions
  • Angiogram – Cerebral Visceral Peripheral
  • Embolization
  • Percutaneous – nephrostomy and cholangiography etc. Renal and peripheral
  • angioplasty

Pathology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, hestopathology aur psytology

  • Arterial blood gases with all routine and special tests and electrolyte estimation by computerized machine
  • Visto Pathology, Section Preparation and Stunning with Special Stance and Cytology
  • R.I.A. Lab
  • 24 hours facility for random testing

Ultra Sonography and Color doppler Imaging

  • Ultra Sonography and Color Doppler Imaging

M.R.I/ C.T Scanning

  • Whole Body C.T Scanning