This department is in existence for the last 19 years and has increased its activities as detailed here in under.
With the thought process of equity in health care CIIMS has being giving health services to poor and needy with all zeal and expertise like a corporate hospital to the paying patient.
This requires a dedicated social service department with motivated workers.
The job responsibility of the department includes.
  • Assessment of the economic status of patients in OPD as well as impatient, who deserve concessions in the charges for treatment. On assessment, the social worker Assessment of the economic status of patients in OPD as well as inpatient, who also recommends the degree of concession which a particular patient deserves. Recommendation for the financial help for drugs and consumables from the patients welfare fund is also undertaken.
  • To the deserving poor patients, food grain arrangement through Mahavir Food Bank, Nagpur is also done.
  • A number of Research studies on various social aspects of chronic diseases have been conducted and are regularly undertaken.
  • Counseling patients and the relatives in illnesses like epilepsy, HIV positive patients and eye donation counseling is also done.
  • This department is provide existence health care services for the last 17 years.
Economical assessment of the OPD Patients as well as in patients who deserve concessions in the charges for treatment on social worker assessment of the economical status of patients in OPD and IP.
Given drugs to the deserving poor patients for patients welfare fund is also undertaken.

1) At OPD during peak hours guidance to patients.

2) Visit indoor patients daily and make enquiries about their recovery and comfort and offer necessary help

3) Help security guards to maintain harmony and cordiality with patients/relatives

4) To collect and analyse feed back form soliciting their views about  the services in hospital and to know their satisfaction. 

5) This report is forwarded to the Director, Administrative Officer, Medical Supdt, Secretary CIIMS, Chairman, Public Relation Committee for action wherever necessary.  Feed back helps to improve our services.

6) To give report on bed occupancy admissions,discharges and to maintain relevant monthly/yearly statistics.

7) Arrange for Publication  in press of rare  surgeries as  performed in the hospital by Consultants and the special events at the Institute. As well as understand psychology and public perception, all of which helps in image building of the Institute.

8) On the day of discharge  patient  is given hospital booklet pertaining to the  information  of  CIIMS.  This is of help because it is in a simple Hindi language which is passed on from patient to patient.

Mr. Vijay Chourasia

Public Relation Offier