Melghat tribal centre

  • Centre name at Melghat: G. M. Taori – Bombatkarji Tribal Health & Research Foundation a joint venture by CIIMS & MAHAN at Melghat, Uthawali.
  • Village targeted: >100
  • Population targeted: Tribal population (Malnourished)

            Project implemented in the tribal population

  • Diagnosis of tuberculosis of malnourished population
  • Zoonotic TB in tribal population
  • Diarrheal infection in malnourished children and mother
  • diff infection in Melghat
  • Nutrition based projects for undernourished children & pregnant ladies
  • Study of Neurological complications in tribal populations
  • Covid-19 impact in tribal region.
  • Established advance diagnostic facilities to provide free diagnosis of tuberculosis to needy tribal population under various funded R & D project scheme.
  • Rapid Brucella lateral flow kits were handed over to MAHAN Trust, for screening of Brucellosis in tribal population for free of cost.
  • Checked the prevalence of the zoonotic diseases; Like Listeria, Brucella, and M. Bovis infection in tribal population of Melghat
  • Survillieance of the TB infection among the tribal population using the in-house developed diagnostic protocol of CIIMS.
  • Screening of Difficile infection among the diarrheal cases of Melghat
  • Home based child care program
  • Community based management of severaly malnourished children
  • Tracking community mortality due to Respiratory Syncytical V
  • Mortality control program for economically productive age group
  • Blindness control program
  • To improve nutrition & socio economic status of Tribals & to reduce addiction
  • Establishment of kitchen garden.